We all need a special and safe place to completely be ourselves. A sanctuary.... an Oasis. My hope and goal are that Oasis Counseling & Wellness can be that place for you. An opportunity for rest, healing, and growth. Sometimes life gets challenging; our minds may become overwhelmed; and we may feel disconnected from ourselves. Allow yourself to reconnect and align your goals, decisions, mind, and body in order to resolve issues, feel more confident, and enjoy life.


My name is Tamara Filgueiras. I am a licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP); with training and specialization in helping individuals overcome anxiety, fears, stress, depression, feelings of burn-out, low self-esteem, difficulty managing emotions, life transitions, and coping with trauma or illness. I also work with couples in addressing relationship issues, challenges in connecting with one another, and strengthening their bond.

In order to provide the best services possible, I focus on continuously improving my therapeutic skills through ongoing trainings and certifications. I always offer clients the opportunity to learn how the brain and mind work as part of the therapeutic process. I also find that personal growth and healing are magnified when we work on increasing our awareness through integrating mind, body, and spirit. Let’s say, I have one foot in the neuroscience world; and one foot into the “soul” world. The combination of both, usually unlocks many doors within us.​

I am passionate about the mind, its potential, and inner workings. We are so much more capable than we realize; and if we learn how to work with our mind, instead of against it, we can be, achieve, and feel so much more!

After having battled cancer twice and having survived; I had to intensely put into practice many of the skills I shared with clients in therapy. One day, I had planned that once making it through that challenge, I would create an Oasis... where others could focus on helping themselves as well. 


So, here I am... Feel free to learn more about Oasis Counseling & Wellness. Hopefully, this will be a great experience for you! Take good care of yourself!